KFC authorized to launch cultural relic-themed restaurants in 18 cities

2018-02-14 15:10:55 ChinaDaily

BEIJING - Diners now have the opportunity to have a taste of traditional Chinese culture when eating fried chicken. A large interactive screen showing how the Lantern Festival was celebrated in Emperor Xianzong's palace in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) covers the wall beside the cashiers at a KFC restaurant in Qianmen, central Beijing. The restaurant was the first KFC opened in the Chinese mainland in 1987.

When a customer scans a QR code beside the screen with their mobile phone, music starts to play and the characters on the screen begin to move. The customer can also access more information on their phone.

The National Museum of China has authorized KFC to use the intellectual property rights of its 17 collections, aiming to jointly create "national treasure-themed restaurants".