African Media from Ten Countries Visit Rednet

2017-09-16 14:53:06 红网
The delegation of “2017 the Seminar of African Media in China” visits Rednet, on September 15, Changsha City, Hunan Province.
The delegation consists 36 press officials,hosts, hostesses and journalists from ten countries of Africa.
Delegates are listening to the presentation.
The seminar of “Application and Development on New Media” is held at Rednet.

Rednet (Changsha): On the afternoon of September 15, 36 delegates from “2017 the Seminar of African Media in China” visited Rednet and attended the seminar of “Application and Development on New Media” held at Rednet. These delegates are the press officials, hosts, hostesses and journalists from ten countries from Africa. During the visiting, they learned the development of new media in Hunan and China, and they exchanged their impression on Hunan and Rednet.

He Honglian,deputy secretary of the party committee of Hunan Rednet New Media Group and editor-in-chief of Rednet, briefly introduced the history, culture of Hunan and the development on new media of Hunan. Especially TV industry, publishing industry and acting industry of Hunan take the lead in China. As one of pioneering media, Rednet endeavors to serve the nation and the people by setting up practical linking by using multi-terminal news releasing system including the news portal site, new media for mobile terminal, mobile newspaper, outdoor LED large screens, indoor small screens, Weibo and WeChat. Star platforms of Rednet such as “Voice of People” and “Advices for Hunan” build up a bridge connecting government and people for making communication easier and more efficient.

He Honglian said that Rednet sets up main pages “Hunan Times” on Facebook and Twitter for international communication besides the English version of Rednet. He said that Africa and Hunan have a promising future in many areas such as medical care, training, education, publishing, construction and trading. Many African friends take Hunan and Changsha as their second hometown.

Some delegates expressed their impression on Hunan Province and Rednet. They said that Hunan is beautiful place with advanced transportation, modern cities, and the people are smart and warm-hearted. New media of Hunan take the leading position in China, and Rednet’s work is the pioneer in the field.

(Reported by Chen Meiqi, Zhang Biwen, Li Shaning, Zhang Huanqin)